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Eton Weather

Station Operation Log

Date Type of Incident Impact Details Action
16/03/2021 Incorrect data Rainfall tipping bucket error evident again today. Testing a fix to prevent erroneous rainfall data from appearing. Resolved
22/02/2021 Incorrect data An unknown issue/obstruction is causing the rainfall tipping bucket to tip erroneously. Rainfall is being reported currently when none is occurring. Issue currently ongoing
09/01/2021 Incorrect data Rainfall sensor was found to be still reporting 0mm after yesterday's failure. Sensor was removed and issue rectified. Water manually poured into rainfall funnel at 8:38am, verifying that the sensor is now working again. Erroneous rainfall rate of 823mm/hr recorded during this. 25mm of rainfall manually entered into database at 8:56am as rainfall total since 9am, as recorded by manual rain gauge. Resolved
08/01/2021 Sensor failure Rainfall sensor identified as not working as 0mm reported when rain had been falling. The issue was investigated and a colony of ants was found living inside the weather station. Colony of ants cleared and weather station returned to operation at 5:10pm. Resolved

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